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U-Save @ NexGen

U-Save is a series of steps intended to help save you time and money before the editing process begins. Editing is a very creative process, and "what-ifs" and on-the-fly changes are tempting and commonplace, they can be very costly in both time and money. If you follow these few pre-production steps you can at least keep some cash in your budget to carry you through changes that may be necessary during the editing process.

Step 1: Determining Goals and Objectives

At an initial meeting NexGen representatives discuss the video project with the producer/client to determine the goals and objectives of the project, the various means to achieve them, the true needs of the client, distribution methods, and the budget.

Step 2: Choosing a Video Format

Choosing the video format is a critical component of the quality of the final product. Step 2 defines the various options as well as their positives and negatives.

Step 3: Scripting

During the scripting phase the project starts coming to life, the producer determines the verbage to convey their message, envisions the video that will accompany the message, and determines the graphic "look" for the project.

Step 4: Pre-Production Meeting

At the pre-production meeting, everyone that is involved with the production of the project meets to discuss the possible tasks that are necessary to complete the project from their perspective. We strongly recommend that anyone from the producers decision making chain of command also be present at the pre-production meeting.

Step 5: Off-Line Paper Edit

An offline paper edit is a great way to save time and money in the editing process.

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