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NexGen Video

Storyboard, Shoot, Capture, Edit, Output:

NexGen's video production capabilities can bring that together for you!

Web videos, commercials, Kiosk applications, TV pilots, and documentaries... NexGen is equipped to handle your unique and not-so-unique production needs and stay within your budget. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a "newbie". The personnel at NexGen are dedicated to providing the highest possible quality video production services at a fraction of the price of traditional Broadcast Quality video production.

If it's your footage, stock footage or footage that NexGen shot, NexGen's edit suites handle it in uncompressed real time. What You See Is What You Get during the editing process... NOT a "proxy" image. This takes the guess-work out of the edit and speeds up the editing process, ensuring that your project will be the highest quality, on time and on budget.

If your budget doesn't allow you to shoot video or produce a custom audio track, NexGen's extensive collection of stock footage, sound effects, and music libraries may be the ticket you need to salvage your project. From distant places and people, to heart pounding music and special effects, NexGen can provide a wide variety of these elements! NexGen also maintains extensive libraries of stock moving backgrounds, swipes, and video effects.

Please take a few minutes and browse the rest of our site. If you have a potential project you would like to discuss further, and for more examples of our work, visit the About Us page and please Contact Us.