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About NexGen

Between 2000 and 2003 Ralph Keller, NexGen founder and CEO was watching non-linear editing (NLE) systems taking over the role of A/B roll editing systems. It became evident that if there was a time to make the move to a production facility strictly based on NLE systems, the time was then. Having mentored his son Mark as an editor and videographer, they started NexGen Productions on January 1, 2003. With a loan from a friend and a freshly painted basement in a suburb of Pittsburgh, NexGen powered up its first edit suite. The system was new, the BetaSP deck and camera was used and times were tough. Most of our initial clients, much like us, had million dollar dreams and no money. Our first jobs were producing pilots for TV shows and videos for a local church. Paydays were small and sparce, but the learning and experience was invaluable!

Some of our early clients the Vogues, Skyline Steel, Sandora Productions, and Elias/Savion Advertising provided us with the economic foothold to allow NexGen to move to our offices in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In June of 2005 NexGen's world would never be the same. A true visionary, Philip Elias of Elias/Savion, moved forward in the development of the concept of private broadcasting and introduced VELOCITY Broadcasting to the world and invited NexGen along for the ride... and what a ride it's been. Live interactive broadcasts transmitted via satellite to Morton's Restaurant conference rooms nationwide. In October 2006 VELOCITY converted its format to HD and again asked us if we wanted to "tag along". NexGen built the graphics packages for the first non-sporting event HD broadcast from Pittsburgh, a live concert featuring Wynton Marsalis. In February 2007 we took delivery of our first real-time HD NLE, camera, and HDCam deck... making NexGen most likely the first independently owned production facility in Pittsburgh, with full HD capabilities. NexGen maintains its relationship with VELOCITY Broadcasting, now VELOCITY World Media... the world's largest private broadcaster.

Through years of sacrifice, struggle, reinvesting, taking on a non-stop training cycle, and having a true appreciation for all of our clients; NexGen continues to provide a superior product at a reasonable price. NexGen now has three full HD edit/graphics suites, a dedicated animation and graphic work station, as well as new cameras, light kits, tape and tape-less decks, and the latest software.