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NexGen Storyboard

Budget, Script, Review, and Approve:

Storyboard, Storyboard, Storyboard! Before one frame of video is shot, one graphic is created, one animation started, and one edit is made, a map of the project is necessary. That map in terms of video production is known as a "Storyboard".

Storyboards can be as elaborate as sketched frames of each major scene of the project with text and script labels, or as simple as a two-column document that has the script text in one column and the associated video graphics in the adjacent column. Storyboards provide not only continuity to the project but also a means of keeping your project on-track and on-budget.

U-Save is a special service that NexGen provides for its clients in an attempt to save the client money... No, that is not a typo, "to save the client money"!

Over the years, we at NexGen have found that the best clients are educated clients... not in terms of degrees and titles but in terms of knowing "the business". In this case, the business of "video production". We believe preparation may be the single most cost-saving step in the entire video production process.

In an attempt to assist both the novice and the professional producer, NexGen discusses the project in its entirety. Then we review what options, if any, the producer/client can do, to help reduce the project costs. The U-Save page will guide you through the five basic steps NexGen considers when taking on a project to ensure the most timely and cost effective delivery for you. Follow the headings for a more in-depth and descriptive analysis of the steps.

Please take a few minutes and browse the rest of our site. If you have a potential project you would like to discuss further, and for more examples of our work, visit the About Us page and please Contact Us.