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Commercial Playlist

The Commercials Playlist is a collection of commercials of various budget levels from a basic low-budget one-run slate with VO, to high-budget multi-camera, multi-day, on location, professional talent, High Definition, you name it budget not really an issue spots. Bios for the spots can be viewed by clicking on the YouTube icon when the video starts playing; this opens a YouTube tab in your browser. We have assigned Commercial Playlist spots, a general classification, the prefix of C1 thru C5 before the name of the spot.

C1 classification is generally our high-budget spots that usually have multi-camera, professional talent, animation & compositing; and special equipment requirements, i.e. teleprompter, HMIs, fish-eye lenses, etc.;

C2 classification is medium to high-budget spots that have multi-camera, one or two talents, limited animation and graphics;

C3 classification is multiple spots that are produced from a single shoot which are usually parts of a series or campaign. Most of these spots would qualify in the C2 category if they were shot and edited as a single spot, but the per spot cost is reduced by the number of spots "cut" from a single shoot;

C4 classification would be medium to low-budget spots shot in a half-day with a single camera, a limited number of cuts, a fairly basic graphics package with moving text. These spots could also incorporate stock footage and stills. Budgets on this level may also incorporate some limited compositing.

C5 classification are basic low-budget spots that incorporate static graphics many of these are for limited use applications... "seminar to be held...", 'testing will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday..."

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